Kona – Fancy Hawaiian Blend

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Tasting Notes

Nutty, hints of chocolate & caramel, mild acidity, smooth & sweet

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About the Coffee

Kona is among the most expensive coffee in the world, and the only largely available coffee produced in the USA. The Kona Coffee Belt is located on Hawaii’s “big island,” which is an ideal location for growing  coffee beans. We built a relationship with the folks at Aloha Farms in Hawaii and originally created this blend of Kona, Indonesian Sulawesi and Colombia for Daufuskierum Co. they use about 50 pounds of our coffee at a time to age their locally crafted rum.  So, whenever we roast a batch for them, we include a limited release for our stores. And lucky for you, it’s that time again.

The Kona Belt’s fertile, porous and mineral-rich volcanic soil combined with sunny mornings, rainy afternoons and mild nights creates the perfect conditions to grow one of the smoothest and most easy-to-drink cups of coffee you have ever tasted. The problem is these ideal conditions span only 20 miles, meaning this delicious coffee comes in limited supply yet high demand. Get it while it lasts.

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