Kali Cooke

Co-Creator / Heart & Soul

Where to even begin with Kali? (I’m already tearing up and haven’t even started!) Our Corner Perk Queen is one of the most kind hearted souls you will ever know. She has an empathetic intuition that I would consider a spiritual gift. (If you have the pleasure of calling her a friend you know exactly what I mean. Guaranteed you’ve received a thoughtful gift or phone call from her right when you’re needing it most!) She’s passionate, creative, and extremely talented in so many ways. Don’t believe me? Just ask one of her students at HHCA, fellow members of the Beaufort Symphony, or anyone who has the honor of knowing her

She plays the flute, piano, and guitar! Her middle name is Fawn. (Yes, just like the deer.) She ironically collects coffee mugs. On a Friday night you’ll find her having Family Movie Night (complete with pizza, popcorn, and candy.) Her and Josh have been introducing their 2 beautiful daughters to their favorite 90’s classics! She loves to be outside enjoying creation or reading a great book. And, simply aspires to use the gifts and talents she’s been given to the best of her ability in order to be the best wife and mom that God created her to be!

Her favorite thing about building this business has been all of the friendships and relationships that have been cultivated within our communities through Corner Perk. “I love seeing people just enjoy each others company there. I love hearing stories of meeting best friends, future spouses, engagements, and all the neat stories of how we have made a difference in their lives!” She loves to spruce up the F.A.T. by adding bacon. And, her drink order alternates between a hot Cinna-Brown Latte and her pride and joy recipe creation (which was intended to be seasonal but never left): the Tiramisu Whipped Cold Brew!