Josh Cooke

Creator, CEO

Is he a creative genius or out of his mind? Just plain stubborn or would you call it resilient? That’s a discussion for another day. I once heard one of his old friends introduce him as “a solution looking for a problem.” But, for now let’s call him the man behind the madness and the reason we’re all here! He’s a risk taker, difference maker, and master of experimentation. He’s Head Coach around here and our main source of motivation. He’s got big hopes and dreams and lucky for us all, doesn’t take “no” for an answer!

The Cooke’s Skillet may have been an old family breakfast staple when he was growing up, but, his most frequented menu item these days is a classic Bacon, Egg & Cheese. He drinks a splash of black batch brew coffee with no lid or sleeve. Why just a splash you ask? A few sips is about all he can make it through before setting his cup down to work on the next thing and forgetting where he left it. He clearly can’t pick a favorite thing about Corner Perk (And was offended that I even asked.) But, does love the opportunity to always learn something new and grow alongside our team. As well as having the creative freedom to design each of our locations from the ground up by incorporating “Artfully Crafted Goodness” into every aspect, from the the door handles and handmade light fixtures to the murals featuring local artists!

He once challenged a couple of guys carrying a boombox down River Street in Savannah to a break dancing competition and totally won. (I have no references other than his word. Therefore, if any of you reading this happen to have a witness statement or evidence, please come forward.) On a Friday night you’ll find him out on the water enjoying some of his hometowns finest offerings: paddle boarding or crabbing. Or, hanging out around the bonfire or hot tub with his friends. He aspires for World Domination. But, would settle for a trip with his wife to visit the South Pacific; starting with the Sydney Opera House and making their way to Fiji, The Cook Islands, and ending in Sulawesi, where we partner with coffee growers to buy their unique beans!