Jaden Hall

Head Roaster

Jaden left Ohio and headed right here to the heart of Old Town Bluffton looking for a fresh start back in 2020. He started working for Corner Perk just a few months afterwards and the rest is history. He showed interest in the science behind the roasting process almost immediately and started absorbing all there was to learn. After about 6 months of roasting alongside Heather, he was gifted the sacred apron and promoted to Head Roaster! You’ll proudly find his initials on every bag of Corner Perk coffee. He aspires to enter into the Cup of Excellence competition one day. But, in the meantime he’ll be honing in his craft and focused on bringing the Lowcountry the best coffee they can find!

His favorite thing about working with us here at Corner Perk is the opportunity to have honest and genuine conversations with people, whether it be a familiar face or a new one. So, if you’re lucky enough to catch him behind the espresso machine at our Promenade location, be sure to introduce yourself! His favorite CP brunch item is the Lowcountry BLT. And, an Ethiopian pour over is his drink of choice. “I usually prefer lighter roasts anyway, but, the smell of the Ethiopian alone is enough to make it a favorite. The fruity notes and sweetness are both a win for me!”

On a Friday night you will catch him hanging out with his cat, asking her about her day. Or out and about with his fiancé. He has multiple extensive collections but if he had to pick a favorite it would be his very expensive collection of Legos. Weird fact: He has a heart shaped freckle. (I didn’t ask where.) Music has always been a big source of energy for him and if you could be a fly on the wall after hours you would see exactly what he means by that. (I’ve been trying to convince him that if he sings opera style and dances like a fool during business hours it will increase the tip average. Y’all help me out!)